A Johnny Cash Tribute

"It is with great reverence for Johnny Cash, that I am inspired to continue his music and keep his torch burning with this tribute.  The human struggles, challenges, and humorous adventures which Johnny Cash sang about are as prevalent today as they were throughout his career, which spanned over three generations of devoted listeners.  The members of my Band and I strive to remain true to the humanity that was such an important part of Johnny Cash’s music".                                                                                                                 – Harold Ford

"There's hundreds of Johnny Cash impersonators, but you're [Harold] different.  I LIKED what I SAW!"
- Tommy Cash 
referencing Harold's show
” . . . with a deep, bass-baritone voice and mournful eyes, Harold Ford could be the doppelganger of “The Man in Black” . . . isn’t a Johnny Cash impersonator. For Ford, singing like Cash just comes naturally . . . “ 
                      - Doug Gruse 
"                 "Cash is Still King" 
              The Poststar Newspaper

"The more that I do Johnny Cash’s songs, the more I identify with the message,” 

-Harold Ford

The singer has been surprised by the demographics of the audiences at his shows, which includes a mix of both people from Cash’s generation and music buffs in their 20s and 30s.”Even the kids are coming around. The kids are some of the biggest fans,” Ford said.
Harold thinks the message of the music is what has made Johnny Cash an American icon.”The fans are coming around to Johnny Cash looking for simple truths,” Ford said. “With all the senseless things that go on these days, they want to identify with those grassroots feelings and storytelling.”

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