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Harold Bio
Harold Ford’s voice and physical resemblance to Johnny Cash are unmistakable, making him a natural as a Johnny Cash tribute artist. Harold Ford grew up in the foothills country between the Berkshire and Green Mountains bordering New York State.  Raised on the old American pioneer songs, at the age of four, Harold began singing duets and harmonies with sister Dorothy. Father accompanied them on the banjo and Mother followed along with the piano. Music and a pioneering love of America became an integral part of his existence.

As an adult, Harold spent many years driving the cross country roads and corridors of America, often with family in tow.
Weaving his way north, south, east, west and settling in towns and villages along the way, Harold explored the back roads, country woods and the people of this great land. As a true American figure and artist himself, Harold Ford’s many experiences make him a storyteller in his own right and lend a deep identification to Johnny Cash’s music.

The Spirit of Johnny Cash featuring Harold Ford is the ONLY Johnny Cash show sanctioned by  Lou Robin  and the Cash Family.  Lou Robin was Cash’s concert promoter between 1969 – 1972, with a non contracted role over the next 30 years.
photo credit: The Nashville Register
"From what I've seen and heard, I think Harold is the best Johnny Cash tribute artist -- the best in the world," 
-David Hutchinson, song writer and producer, England (

"‘I don’t know how you do it, but you’ve got my brother’s fingerprints and he would be honored.’”
-Tommy Cash, Johnny's younger brother (after seeing Harold Ford play in Tennessee)

“With sell out shows and loyal fans that just keep coming back to experience “the spirit” year after year, it’s all because this the closest thing we have to the real Johnny Cash left on the planet. God Bless you Harold Ford and please just keep "comin' around that bend”. - Galaxy Entertainment 2017
They say a picture says a thousand words. We believe a video can sometimes say even more. Here are 10 to give you a small sample of the one and only Spirit of Johnny Cash.
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